what ive been tru in 3 weeks

ade rase
pressure gile!

ade jugk rase

mix dua2= konon2 nk


tapi stil smpt

bole tahan kering la sekarang


ive always got what i want..sooner or later!;P
some may saw it as luck and blessing
but most of the time i think its a curse

instead of getting new vaio lappy,ive lost my 5months toshiba..

br nk upload pix kt waterfall,tp sudah hilang..
apalah nasib!


black and white

these days,its between being all romantic flowery and whatnots or just plain black and white. to tell you the truth, its a classy chick look!
well, now i know y lawyers dresscode is black and white!;p


all my stress seem so far away..

the sweet escape!
2 days before criminal..berani mati la saye ikot!

sori cinta,
grab pixs u frm fb!

baju saye basah..plan nanak pki baju..tapi!!!!;)

ape nk tulis eyh???

pandai jugak saye snap ye!

kawan2 kamu best!
kt depan tu pasar malam


for the love of myself

i survived

5 papers done.
1 more to go

alhamdulillah,really,thats all i can say.