new hair, new shade!

i got a new GUCCI sunglass.a medium rimless sunglass with interlocking G detail on temple.
it comes in three colours but i love a silver metal frame with dark grey lens. since ive change my hairstyle, i think this suits me better than my old MNG. d other reason i pick the design because ders no imitated one kt ps+downtown or psr mlm.

senyum sinis!

p/s : cinta jgn jeles ya!!if adding another 200+ lg, bole beli speedlight for your camera!(hehe)

switching off

*i was happy to see our people aware of switching off the lights.(even for an hour)*

serra.quen.diana.geoff with his new subaru legacy off to capsquare joining d 'walk of hope on global warming'
it was a beautiful experience.
~countdown to darkness
~view of kl tower turning off d lights
~low- powered shows
+ free t-shirt n recycle goodie bag designed by Melinda Looi.

p/s : more pictures with quen.

p/s lagi : bile nk bnyk duet mcm geoff..erm..


do you really want a flying fuck??




she attacked my sweet dream last nite
i get this one right
i don like 'her'
i despise 'her'
she is a MONSTER
who is never belong to 'him'



today, i feel like:
.going some place to eat, ask for 20pieces of tissues, use one and throw the rest away.
.standing over people's shoulder and staring at their computer screen while they are doing their work.
.speaking in annoying schoolkid sms language "kite sayam awak le".
.getting into the elevator, smack my forehead repeatedly and mutter to myself " shut up!damnit!all of you just shut up!.
.pickup phonecalls, tell the people on the line to hold while i put myself on the line, and start singing in the most off-tuned manner possible.
.staring at people and when they ask why,grin at them and tell them "i have new socks on!" excitedly.

p/s : minggu yang sangat mereng. aduh!


annual law dinner

malam gala memori tercipta
venue : dewan sri endon, putrajaya
date : 20th march 09
dresscode : signature style
photographer : quen (unofficial)

.there are more than 500 pixs taken dat nite.thanx darling 4 d shots!.


thursday~accompany to salon(3hrs) n dinner
friday~accompany to my annual law dinner
weekend~spent d whole weekend wit my sis
monday n tuesday~early birds

quen, theres no word to describe how much i love you.
thanx again 2 be der wherever i need you.


pink velvet

.its d ultimate thing dat i swear *boys n girls drool over!.
.its d Ultimate DVD Collection : Sex and the City The Complete Series.
.consists of all 6 seasons,94 episodes and 20 discs including a bonus disc.
.and to top it all off, its wrapped up in a book casing of pink velvet.
.yes, it does not get any sexier than that people.
.it is definitely die for.
p/s : if i can have it one..err..


tagged by chah

do u think u'r hot?
i hav to say yes!*hehe*

upload a favourite picture of you:

give three reason why you like this picture?
1. my first time celebrating d new yar (wut a shame serra!)
2. quen proposed me on dat nite (im so suprised n speechless baby!*blush*)
3. coz d nite change my life rite now (sooo bahagia!)

p/s : anyway, theres alot of my faveret pixs.it is so hard to pick one.sigh.

when was the last time you eat pizza?
last week with quen at seremban

the last song you listen?
soko-i kill her

what are you doing now besides this?

what name you prefer besides yours?
i luv my name rite now.it suits me well. a nice pickup mummy!

people to tag:
1. quen

who is num one?

num three is having relationship with?
this hottie is currently available.

say something about num 5?
one of my angel.

who is num 2?
i met her in blog.shes nice.i enjoy reading her blog.

what do u think about num 4?
soft but firm.


suprisingly unpredictable

.thanx sis for dis purse spray.
.THE ONE is a warm, oriental floral wit modern sensuality.
i luv it so much but i didnt mean to betray my ANNA SUI fancy of flight.*hehe*
but dis 'carry me' size is d perfect accessory to enjoy d luxury of having d fragrance always wit me.
.so for people who is searching for d new fragrance, i am highly recommended DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE.
trust me, u will feel like a DIVA whenever u spray it.*oouch*



i would give up everything.
before i'd separate myself from you.
after so much suffering.
ive finally found a man that's true.

thank god i found you.
i was lost without you.
my every wish and every dream.
somehow become reality.
when you brought the sunlight.
completed my whole life.
im overwhelmed with gratitude.
cause baby im so thankful i found you.


keris mas annual dinner

venue : dectar ukm
time : 8-12am
dress code : blackrose



sham( d photographer of d nite)


p/s : law dinner will be held on 20th march.*hair n makeup xdecide lagi.haisyoo!*


half private practise

im goin to set my blog as half private due to quen's advice. apparently some people hav nutin better to do than disrupt other people's life. its really getting on my nerves and i think it is d best way to shut them from my life.sory for any inconveniences.thank you.
*only members are allowed to leave comments*

latest update: ive only changed comment moderation setting.no more half private.
thanx to : intan.dilla.sham.


what matters most

a dose of excitement and family craziness is exactly wut i needed.
last friday is d blast n i had so much fun wit my sis, kak aida, geoff n my quen.
btw, i think quen can get along wit em.*hehe*
thanx 4 a great day sis!

diana(my one n only sis)

geoff(diana's handsome bf)

sis aida(diana's besties)
~if u can say it is ur silly thought, i can say it is my silly spelling error~

to all d readers : a big apologize 4 d error in my last entry;
its not 'audiology', but 'audiologist'.
sorry again.

p/s : i know these two words bring a different meaning. its not about i dont know d exact word to put. like i say, it just a spelling error.

cranky (?)

for d past 3 days, i hav been really cranky.n d reason is because of the internet problem at my room.i wasnt be able to use the internet and i was really upset due to the amount of assignments which all required the internet as sources.

p/s: thanx to waniey for her generosity*pnjm bilik*


a rep to 'sudah tu sudah la'

first of all, i want 2 award u as d best actress of d world. u 'r great actress bitch. i wonder why you dont choose acting as ur profession instead of being an audiology. *u got d talent, but not d face*acting innocent like u neva doing anything wrong to me n wut is worst u accused us bring d issues, not you. FUCK YOU! spreading stories, talking behind us n phrasing my words r d proof.stop being a drama queen.*meluat*.why should us create d issue?instead of having a beautiful life rite now, should us finding trouble wit a WITCH like you??i have enuff wit you azyan. ive been patient 4 a long time..started from creating story ' my ex flirt wit u', i knew wut kind of a person are you. it is not suprising u continuously doing this to us. get a life dear. accept the fact that u'r done wit quen. don disturb our life. i know you're good in words n you can twist the meaning easily. but im not such stupid. u can cheat others, but not me. im a future lawyer dude. im good in analyzing words!u r wrong to play wit d girl that r much better than u.


last word to azyan

its bad enuf u'r talking bout others. but to judging people without even knowing them is far worst considering she/he has never said anything about u before u start it. EVER. ive heard stories from many sources but if you knew me you would know that i'd never believe them and keep it to myself. i'd go on a hunt for the truth but my time is too precious for me to be spending it on digging stuff about you. you may love spreading stories, talking about others and being a drama queen but i dont. no wonder syafiq and some of your friends call you as 'pak kaduk'. maybe there's this little word you've never heard of.


bear in mind you're talking about other human beings. who have feelings and are bound to emotional reactions such as getting upset, sad and could eventually lead to breakdowns or even depressions if they are not the strongest willed people. the fact that you're eventually think you're perfect in everyone's eyes shows how much of a person you really are. reality check, people may not say anything but they do observe. next time, before saying anything or doing anything, remember that your actions can be really offensive to others. the world does not revolve around you. it never will.


blessing day

~wit luv dis wish is sent ur way, 4 a very special kind of day~

Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I’m very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.
I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,
I hope you have many more!

*izzah : 9th march 1988*
*sufie : 8th march 1988*


..unplanned weekend..

its been a yar n half i didnt hangout with her...we're in d same hostel yet both r bz wit their things. d last time we met, kat was der too..

i luv to call her 'waniey cantek'.it is undeniable kn guys??;)

~it was unplanned but i hav a great time wit her.~

first day: we went to MINES.do a lil shop+makan2+gossippin'*ders a lot of stories to share*

preety tired but fun.waniey shop a lot.;)i jus accompanied her.

second day: we attended waniey's cousin wedding at keramat. cikin drove n faten joined us too.*sape xske dpt mkn free*wee*.but before dat, we went to meet waniey's friends who joined band competition.unlucky 4 us coz d competiton has been delayed to d evening.so were not able to see their performance.sori guys!;) *sempat lagi bwt fish spa kt sane*(rm 5 for 20 minutes)..murah!

at nite,we went 4 dinner at village view n jln2 afta dat til 2am..

Align Center


sunburst lineup

i luv goin' 2 concerts, shows n events..only if its worth it.i surfed for d acts coming down 4 our Sunburst 09 Festival.But,it is very dissapointed though..

d only international act confirmed is NERD.u gotta be kidding dear!!even if Coldplay is coming, i don think 203 is worth. d rest r local acts wer i jus can watch em 4 free at gig.

the acts 4 d nite :
NERD,Butterfingers,Nidji,Andra & The Blackbone,Meet Uncle Hussain,Estranged,Hujan,Agrikulture,Bunkface,Maliq & D'Essential,Gerhana Ska Cinta,Estrella,Dead Mushroom,Joe Flizzow,Projek Pistol,Sixx,21st Night,They Will Kill Us All,Pesawat,The Otherside Orchestra,Russian Winters,APU,Juwita Suwito,Reza Salle,Twillight Actiongirl,Loops Collective,etc.

*i only go if i got free ticket*
i wil not pay even 4 half!;)


zero to hero

afta months buzz on this muvi, i finally download d muvi last week. but due to the massive load of assingmnets, it took me a week before finally having the time to watch it. now i understand y it won d most Golden Globe, SAG awards n OSCAR as well. d story line is great, d plot is amazing n iti is jus beautiful.

d story revolves around Jamal Malik who is a contestant on d Indian version of 'Who Wants to Be Millionare?. unlike other contestants, he was not educated which led people to think
that he was cheating. after winning 10 million rupees, d game ended because they ran out of time. Jamal was then arrested due to the suspicion n that is when his life began to unfold. during d questioning, it becam clear that throughout his life, Jamal and his brother, Salim has undergone hardship which taught them more than they could learn from books. all of the questions asked on the show,were somehow relates to their experiences went through.

growing up as strays, Jamal n his brother met Latika, who was jus unlucky as they are. they no longer has parents they were taken in by a guy who used them as his source of financial income. due to problems,Salim gave in to the dark side n kicked Jamal out. He used Latika as a source of income by selling her to a pimp. Jamal has always been in luv wit Latika n d sole reason he joined d show was in hope she would watch it. After the investigation, it was prove that Jamal was not cheating and came back for the game in d hopes of winning 20 million rupees. D final questions is what brought him n Latika back together again.

*there's more to this muvi than jus money n love.
there r even religious n gender issues.
Jamal n Salim's mother was killed jus because she was a Muslim.*


i want!i want!

isnt it adorable guys?im in luv it rite now.perhaps i shud hang my jeans in d wardrobe 4 a while..wee~

one nite only

.i hav so much fun wit em.
*minus d swearing,d wrong direction n sinfull driving*
wut to do..we're not from kl..
.we out at 10 n back at 4am.
our destination= damansara+danau kota
as soon i am not busy anymore,
we'll definitely hangout again;)


so lil time

so much to do.assingments+presentations, u name it.
since couple of weeks ago, i feel i havent fallen asleep..


im fat but u'r ugly.i can diet.

a good advise 4 u:

pear shape: avoid jeans that tapper too closely to the ankle,because they wil emphasize ur hips.

god!u cant wear skinny!its oke,teruskan diet ya..
*perhaps one day, u can be just like me*
p/s : bolehke?i think not!