half private practise

im goin to set my blog as half private due to quen's advice. apparently some people hav nutin better to do than disrupt other people's life. its really getting on my nerves and i think it is d best way to shut them from my life.sory for any inconveniences.thank you.
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latest update: ive only changed comment moderation setting.no more half private.
thanx to : intan.dilla.sham.


s h a r v i na said...

gud!gud! i sokong u syg! :)
i pun pena je di gnggu oley mreke2 yg x dijemput..aha..
dlu my page de chat space, then my enemy nyebuk2 la kat situ ckp tuh ckp nih..n she think i dunno who is she ekceli is..
at last i del terus chat box tuh..mls da.. :)

btw, u law studnt yeh..? we r same!aha..

serrashahira said...

u'r rite..
like we dunno who they r exactly..
tp mls nk accusation je..
at first, i da tau u law student coz i pnk usha profile u..
so u part berape?

Dilla Raffe said...

ade gak credit name kt pdhal kt xtlg papepun..hihi

heyy shira a.k.a "tuna",, jgn lupe wat psembahan jumaat ni ye;p

serrashahira said...

oke..ak nk demand cket..250 per person..intan partner ak..dy sardin..

chah~ said...

suka tgk ur dress n ur hair style..
ayu n elegan.. huhue.

serrashahira said...

ko salah comment entry le..

chah~ said...

ha'ah laa silap.. hahahaha...
bru prasan.. sorry.. komen tu untk entry yg "keris mas anual dinner" tue...