zero to hero

afta months buzz on this muvi, i finally download d muvi last week. but due to the massive load of assingmnets, it took me a week before finally having the time to watch it. now i understand y it won d most Golden Globe, SAG awards n OSCAR as well. d story line is great, d plot is amazing n iti is jus beautiful.

d story revolves around Jamal Malik who is a contestant on d Indian version of 'Who Wants to Be Millionare?. unlike other contestants, he was not educated which led people to think
that he was cheating. after winning 10 million rupees, d game ended because they ran out of time. Jamal was then arrested due to the suspicion n that is when his life began to unfold. during d questioning, it becam clear that throughout his life, Jamal and his brother, Salim has undergone hardship which taught them more than they could learn from books. all of the questions asked on the show,were somehow relates to their experiences went through.

growing up as strays, Jamal n his brother met Latika, who was jus unlucky as they are. they no longer has parents they were taken in by a guy who used them as his source of financial income. due to problems,Salim gave in to the dark side n kicked Jamal out. He used Latika as a source of income by selling her to a pimp. Jamal has always been in luv wit Latika n d sole reason he joined d show was in hope she would watch it. After the investigation, it was prove that Jamal was not cheating and came back for the game in d hopes of winning 20 million rupees. D final questions is what brought him n Latika back together again.

*there's more to this muvi than jus money n love.
there r even religious n gender issues.
Jamal n Salim's mother was killed jus because she was a Muslim.*

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