i want to be a sleepyhead

i am utterly derprived of a deep, peaceful slumber sleep right now.

truthfully, this has been a very hectic week. i was busy doing my assignments,most of it group work, so it was really tough to get all members together thus all the workload needed to be squeezed in the time we actually sit together to work on it.

my brain freezed a lot of time untimely,my nerves wrecked like it never did.

i was like forgot what 'sleep', 'hangout' but not for 'eat' meant.hehe~

i was glad that i could take a breather as tomorrow is the end of week which universally mean i could take a rest.some of the shit that need to get done has been done,but most of it are still under way which bring us the conclusion that next week is not looking any good either. i need to start the revision!SIGH!

who know, this might be the last time i hear the word sleep..ooh god!

i am sure to miss my sleep.

n wut the hell am i still doing here with some stupid blog.gonjeng bastard!

i'd better go sleep now.

GOOD NIGHT for now.hehe.

p/s : cinta da tito dari tadi lagi.penat dgn our photoshoot+pusing2 tasik cempaka;)


quen said...

to sleepy to open my eye..
tak sempat nak borak pun..
balik umah semua tgh bising..
tapi cinta dah terbungkang..

vInA said...

si kejam nih kena kn aku! nyampah..aha..

eyh, u taw x only u yg brjaya kne kn i dis year.. huhu..
org laen sume x brjaya..
jaat owh u!

serrashahira said...

pdn muke vina!