..i just cant undastand..

..take note..
.i can do anything wut i want in my life as long as it doesnt affect ppl around.
.ur approval is not desired n recognised.
(so if u talk bout me,here sum advice; click ur heels togetha n wish u had life)
.i enjoy default life.
.b4 u advice me,take a gud look at u.don u hav sumtin better to do?
(seems to me, u jus don undastand ignorance n jealousy go hand in hand)
.if u gonna be two faced in front of me,sweetie at least make one of them pretty.
.i can share wut i want.
(but stil ders alot u don noe bout me,so don make assumptions)
.jus bcoz u read a lil bout me,doesnt mean u noe bout me.
.i hold my head up.
(say wut u want, do as u please)

p/s : im sexy..so wut??

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