annual law dinner

malam gala memori tercipta
venue : dewan sri endon, putrajaya
date : 20th march 09
dresscode : signature style
photographer : quen (unofficial)

.there are more than 500 pixs taken dat nite.thanx darling 4 d shots!.


s h a r v i na said...

serra syg!
law student rock kn..? :)
we should alwez b the best kay syg!

eyh, u got ym..?
do add me up eyh..
easy for us to chit chat..ehe..

quen said...

thanx bunga 4 d invite..

serrashahira said...

no matter wut ppl say..
law student sgt rox!
no offense everyone.

fikri law/krismas said...

knpe x approve my cmnt yae???

serrashahira said...

d reason is ur statement hurt sum ppl..coz all of us on dat nite had try d best on dressing~

i admit u credited 1 of d girl in d pix..bt wut bout d rest if they read ur comment.

so fikri..
i didnt noe how u get to me..
bt, as far as i concern,ders no pix dat focussing on face n it is a bit weird how u can commented alot on makeup..

*applying a reasonable man test*

u got my facebook..

so 2 my dear fikri..
it is my pleasure if u straightly comment on facebook..
d pixs are more clear der..
n ppl can evaluate ur starement easily..

makeup is base on d dress..
if u wear a gothic, ur hairdo n makeup must be in theme too..
if a pastel colour dress, u cant wear a heavy makeup..
but if a red dress n d theme is cleopatra, then d makeup must suits it too..heavy and daring!
if kebaya n baju kurung, d makeup must be like perempuan ayu..

perhaps u need to start open d magazines darl..;)