new hair, new shade!

i got a new GUCCI sunglass.a medium rimless sunglass with interlocking G detail on temple.
it comes in three colours but i love a silver metal frame with dark grey lens. since ive change my hairstyle, i think this suits me better than my old MNG. d other reason i pick the design because ders no imitated one kt ps+downtown or psr mlm.

senyum sinis!

p/s : cinta jgn jeles ya!!if adding another 200+ lg, bole beli speedlight for your camera!(hehe)


s h a r v i na said...

jelez! jelez!

serrashahira said...

u lg la,rembat due trus perfume..
poket tebal xpe..

Zayana Glamorgan said...


serrashahira said...

ape wah2 izzah??