a rep to 'sudah tu sudah la'

first of all, i want 2 award u as d best actress of d world. u 'r great actress bitch. i wonder why you dont choose acting as ur profession instead of being an audiology. *u got d talent, but not d face*acting innocent like u neva doing anything wrong to me n wut is worst u accused us bring d issues, not you. FUCK YOU! spreading stories, talking behind us n phrasing my words r d proof.stop being a drama queen.*meluat*.why should us create d issue?instead of having a beautiful life rite now, should us finding trouble wit a WITCH like you??i have enuff wit you azyan. ive been patient 4 a long time..started from creating story ' my ex flirt wit u', i knew wut kind of a person are you. it is not suprising u continuously doing this to us. get a life dear. accept the fact that u'r done wit quen. don disturb our life. i know you're good in words n you can twist the meaning easily. but im not such stupid. u can cheat others, but not me. im a future lawyer dude. im good in analyzing words!u r wrong to play wit d girl that r much better than u.


Anonymous said...

asyik ckp fuck je. hahaha be civilized lah. istighfar lah skit.

serrashahira said...

u shud istighfar..
n semayang banyak2..
coz u yg menyebok psl org..
n im civilized people..
don dare to talk about civilization wit me..
i noe wut i do,n i got d rite of speech under our federal constitution..
don simply leave a comment without checking first..
coz it shows how stupid of you!
u wanna more??

ratna izzah said...

saba babe..
kesian org yg xbersalah pon jd mangsa..
cool down seyh...
its useless u dok pk sal die..
let her wif her insanity
just live ur life to the fullest..

chah~ said...

wuuuuhuuu.. nyirap btol shahira ni.. relax eh babe..

serrashahira said...

to ratna:
thanx 4 ur support..
wel u'r not blind like sum of ppl..
it is clear as crystal who shud be blame 4 al this mess..
ak xkn hentam org klu org 2 xkaco hidop ak..
buang maso je..

to chah: saye memang btol menyirap dengan exskolmate kite ni..
btol la ckp hannah n najwa(exclasmate dy)

Anonymous said...

ouh asking me to istighfar n sembahyang? me?? ouh okey then.
anyway my dear, this is a blog. u post anything in ur blog to let people read it. and let people comment about it. if u think that u dont want any random ppl to read ur blog then keep it private lah. or else buat diari, letak dlm almari?

and ure talking as if ure already a lawyer. mcm bagus je lawyer. if ure dat good kenapa tak amik medic je mcm aku? n ntah dpt jadi lawyer ke tak. berlagak mcm dah jadi lawyer utk kes besar je. how funny u r. make urself look so stupid. seriously i feel sorry for u :)

Anonymous said...

a'ah kan..kalau pandai sangat kenapa amik law jer..
ape yg aku tau la...audiology tu bkn name course ke..
pekerjaan supposed to be audiologist..
lawyer je tp english cantik sgt..

lela_alia said...

to the world's annoying anonymous,

- let me quote you "if u're dat good kenapa tak amik medic je mcm aku?"...mungkin ko rasa ko bagus..tp kalau ko bagus sgt..letak la nama sendiri..tau nak guna anonymous jerk..

- we don't give a hell la what audiology crap is...another quote from you "lawyer je tp english cantik sgt"...that is why we're still in univ..that's the point of learning...tak macam ko, nama je budak medic tapi hati busuk..tp jgn risau, there's cure for your disease..Sabda Nabi S.A.W....setiap penyakit ada penawarnya kecuali mati.

- GET A LIFE, darl..dont make fun of yourself..

to shira;
- kalau stalker ni dah cross the line..do ask for injunction la..hehe..good luck in getting rid of her...

wanylon said...

Oh.."org yg jd pakar pendengaran tu ye.."

teringat dulu kn ms kecik2 sy nak jd "accounting".
ms sek rendah sy rase nak jd "architecture".
msk sek men sy tukar plak nak jd "engineering".
ms asasi nak jd "law" la pulak.
tp last2 sume tue sy tak jd.hahaha.
nak tau sy jd ape??

sy jadi "interior design"..


kepadawanylon said...

aiseh wanylon ney..
patut pun tak jadi sumer2 yang dier nak..
agak mingung rupenye..
jd accountant..
jd architect..
jd engineer..
jadi lawyer..

dan akhirnya kerjaya awak sekarang seorang interior designer yer adik..

lawak pulak aku bace ko punye comment ney..haha..

oops..i'm sorryyyy

zEN said...

ni profession pnya dscussion ke?
he he he...btw sapa dia yg jd lawyr kt sni?

vInA said...

to anonymous yg muncul kat dis komen:- tlg la xyah sebuk hal org..asl ko anonymous kalo ko btl n brani sgt..
b u self la!

serra, dun eve bother them..mlysia de freedom of speach.. :)
pape pun, cool down kay!
and, thnksx for droping by..

wAnIe said...

cheer up shera cyg..
don't bother what people say..
jeleskah mereka?
remember,every cloud has a silver lining..just tke care of urself k..syg kamu!

serrashahira said...

serra v anonymous

first, i admit ive made a lil mistake..its not audiology, bt audiologist..i didnt realize d mistake b4 publish it..

u really didnt know wuts really happen bitch..so jus shut up ur fuckin mouth..ive neva said im a MASTER in english..i jus said im good in analyzing words..
dats d lawyer do.

then u raise an issue bout d freedom to leave a comment here..
it is my pleasure if ppl drop in my blog..
bt like i said b4, don simply leave a comment without check it first..it shows ur stupididty..

i admit ive used some profane language in der..bt it jus lil compare to wut azyan did to me..

the next issue is bout d professsion.
u mmg a brilliant student coz u take medicine.
tp u xbole undaestimate org len..
i xpnh state anything dat show law is d best..
everyone good in their field.
doctor cant stand alone dear..
u mmg patot istighfar bnyk2..
xbaek bongkak!
u look confident enuff dat u wil be a doctor soon..
we'll see..
i xbrni ckp cm 2..i jus stated in d blog as 'a future lawyer'.
n 4 ur information, azyan yang stat show off bout her course..
dats bringing me 2 jot down bout my course too..

u shud feel sory to urself..
everyone is against u here..

serrashahira said...


thanx 4 undastanding me:)

ella said...

mmg ko kate ko "future lawyer"..
tp anonymous tu ckp pasal course dia sbb ko mcm da brlagak2 pasal lawyer ko..
kalaw tak mesti first comment dia dia da ckp dia budak medic..
ko pun cm confident jd lawyer gk masa tulis post ney kan..
konon nk buat2 mcm ko kate ko tak la blagak sgt..
sbb ko ada word future kat situ kan..
nak cover je sebenarnyer kan..
da la..
mula2 ckp mcm da yakin jer jadi..
habiskan dulu belajar tu..
kena igt yg bukan you are the only "future" lawyer yg good with analyzing words here..
there are others yg boleh..

sorry freedom of "SPEECH" kan..

kamil said...

aku anonymous yg amik medic tu.

ouh kalau kau rase azyan tu bodoh sgt dok show off pasal course die tu, yg ko ikot bodoh jugak nak lawan tu apesal? tu lagi bodoh 2 kali ganda kan?

i jus said im good in analyzing words..
dats d lawyer do.-->ha tgk ckp mcm da blagak jadi lawyer. come on lah. come on.....ko memang sesuai lah jadi laywer, putar belit byk sgt. mmg bagus pon kalau ko nak jadi pembela pembunuh. sesuai sgt dgn kau. pffffttttt...

Anonymous said...

kesian ceni punya "future lawyer" pun ader....dunia da nak kiamat agaknyer..
TO ALL INCLUDE SERRA bertaubat la manyak2 yea....

serrashahira said...

to ella:
wut r u trying to prove here darl??
did i say dat im d one who gud in analyzing words?
u better read again..
i don think u undastand wut im trying to say here..
i jus make a statement dat a lawyer goood in analyzing words.
dats all..
it is a fact..
u want to deny it????
saye berlagak??
ooooh cum on..
bwt statement mcm 2 pon berlagak??
it jus a general statement..

wuteva ella..
shud i care wut u say??
ckpla nk ckp pe..

serrashahira said...

ooo god!!
wut happen 2 u kamil..
r u undaestimate the lawyers by saying dat 'ko memang sesuai lah jadi laywer, putar belit byk sgt. mmg bagus pon kalau ko nak jadi pembela pembunuh. sesuai sgt dgn kau'

in d otehr words, u nk prove dat yg lawyer suke ckp putar belit???
u noe nothing bout dis profession..
u'r not one of em..
u'r medicine student kn..
how cum u bole ckp lawyer suke ckp putar belit??
d lawyers talk with fact la..
mane bole hentam sesuka hati..
i tau u pndi,amek medic..
tp u mmg sgt discriminate others..

i nk highlight cket ape yg i ckp td..
i ckp lawyers..as general..
bkn student law k..

saye bodoh 2x ganda?
thanx a lot..;)
ssh ckp dgn org yg kolot cm u ni..
i try to explen y i highlight my course in my blog coz u accused dat i ni berlagak..
then, bile i xplen,u ckp i bodoh 2x ganda plak!!
u xtau cite,then u bole tuduh sesuke ati..
i xphm dgn u..

at first u need d explanation..
then, u hentam plak..

kamil,im tired nk lyn komen u ni..
at last, its nutin to do wut u pon..
bkn i warn u, tp azyan..
tp u lebey2 emotional..
u bole ckp pape pon..
only ppl arounds me noe wuts really happen here..

ELLA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
quen said...

kepada semua student yang tak ambik medic!
korunk semua bodoh!
tak terkilan ke kalau korunk kena macam tu.
course laen pun blaja jugak nama dia.
bukannya kalau kau ambik course businesses kau gelap kan duit orang.
tak rational ape korunk2 ni.
bukan umum.
untuk sesetengah sahaja.
jangan terasa kalau kebas

farha said...

pathetic nye kamu serra..