suprisingly unpredictable

.thanx sis for dis purse spray.
.THE ONE is a warm, oriental floral wit modern sensuality.
i luv it so much but i didnt mean to betray my ANNA SUI fancy of flight.*hehe*
but dis 'carry me' size is d perfect accessory to enjoy d luxury of having d fragrance always wit me.
.so for people who is searching for d new fragrance, i am highly recommended DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE.
trust me, u will feel like a DIVA whenever u spray it.*oouch*


s h a r v i na said...

u lmbt recment la..
last fridy i bru je beli perfume..
2 plak tuh i beli..
duet da mlayang brtus2 da..
so, nx2 tym la i try dis one.. ehe..
tym spray tuh ingt i! :)

chah~ said...

shahira. kamu d tagged

serrashahira said...

ala perfume u 2 pon msti best.
bole share?
nk tau jgk..
at least kite ade bnyk choices cket..;)

quen said...

bau die agak best la..
bukan agak..mmg best..hehehe..
mcm nak ggt2 je bunga